This wild guy wants you to cook using your car engine

Because kitchens are just so mainstream


Apple’s grand opening on Princes Street an embarassing flop

No one gave a shit


EUSSC ski trip tickets sell out in two minutes

It’s just an excuse to get naked

Are your standards higher or lower than a dog at 2am?

Drunk and disorderly: Your favourite takeaways tell all

‘The most shocking thing I’ve seen is girls selling themselves for food’


Yik Yak proves our freshers are wankers

Well, most of them


‘Booze Cruise’ sex offender avoids jail

Passamonti was 21 when he assaulted a fellow student

Bare arms and toes - beauty is pain

ECFS 2015 theme announced

Fashion Show to raise money for elephant and mental health charity


The Student isn’t journalism, it’s just very bitter, off-topic writing

There were no Edinburgh news stories in the top third of their site last week

Not so safe after all.

Woman sexually assaulted near Eyre Place

21-year-old raped near Smithies pub.


Students strip off for charity run

Raising money has never been so sexy

Why wouldn't you want to stick that into your arm?

Confessions of a Civil Engineering drug dealer

‘George Street is renowned for the sniffers. Coke doesn’t come cheap in Edinburgh but if they’re at Opal, they can probably afford it’

Bling and Burberry = Chav apparently...

WhyNot’s ‘Chav’ night is elitist

WhyNot’s popular Flare Mondays has a ‘chav’ theme this week.


I’m selling my name for art

Definitely not for attention

When we said large, we meant large.

Lorry overturns by Uni’s Peffermill pitches

At least one other vehicle was involved.

Banning tweed jackets wouldn't solve worldwide misogyny immediately, but it'd be a good start.

Everyone hates rugby clubs – here’s how to sort it.

No huggers for ruggers


Medic rushed to hospital after initiation

FYC annual pub crawl leaves freshers ‘destroyed’ as promised

Not recommended

We don’t have the balls to cheat in our exams

Cheaters are a rare breed at our proud establishment