As in, people were actually swimming.

Yes voters get wet at Holyrood

Stay classy, Scotland


The Tab guide to thinking for yourself this Freshers’ Week

Why does anyone think this is necessary?

We're all in this together, even if we fucking hate each other.

#Indyrekt playlist: the songs you should be listening to

All the songs you’ll ever need in the Union. We had a list of break-up songs to play, but since the Union is still alive, here’s some other ones.

Try that for a view

Scotland, a last minute plea from the rest of the world

Their opinions matter even less than yours

'Pheasant shooting days aren't allowed off? What about peasant shooting?'

Overheard at Pollock: The landing of the rah

Every year a group of fresh-faced teens make the exodus from the Home Counties, leaving behind the comforts of boarding school life and mummy’s AGA, to set up base in Pollock Halls


Meet the godlike genius who posted an introductory video of himself to fellow freshers

Wouldn’t life be better if we were all more like UEA fresher Thomas Rees?


Edinburgh University academic disappears

Fergus McInnes, from Newington went missing in Geneva last week

This is Graeme by the way.

Generation Yes: The youth group gunning for independence

This 23-year-old Cambridge grad is telling 16-year-olds how to vote for Scottish Independence


Do you care about the uni killing 160,000 rodents a year?

There are plenty of activists who do

Unlike degrees, voting is one thing that is constrained by age.

This 12-year-old is better at your degree than you

And she has better hair


QUIZ: How rubbish will your freshers’ week be?

Whether you’re heading to uni for the first time or going back for more, make sure you’re prepared for how shit it will probably be

If you don't pass this one you may want to have a re-think

The Cheat Sheet: The easiest courses in first year

Because you’re not actually here to learn


Gimme some Sugar…

Thursdays are looking sweet again with The Sugar Club at Opal Lounge

Wasn't even fancy dress

Freshers’ Week and the baptism of awkward

Forget Freshers flu, nothing compares to the hardships of human interaction

The company now has 75 1-star reviews.

Three years of unpaid internships advertised by interior design company

Because who needs money, right?


Not so breaking news: Edinburgh safer than Glasgow

Well obviously…

Yes it is still summer.

Edin-Brrrr: Freshers face chilly welcome

Come rain or shine, freshers will be out in their droves experiencing all of Scotland’s seasons in one day