Is it not about time the EUCC Vixens get funding?

Cheerleading as a sport is completely misunderstood.

They don’t  imply prance around with pom poms to overly-girly music and that their only purpose is to support other teams.

They work their asses off and sweat just as much as out rugby lads.

Yet the SU has rejected their application.

Smiling through my fear

Smiling through my fear

Competitive cheerleading is in fact considered the most dangerous sport for girls (by Huffington post, Telegraph, Metro, Medical Daily to name a few) causing two thirds of severe sports injuries in the US.

Edinburgh's sports club with the highest rate at picking up girls...

Edinburgh’s sports club with the highest rate at picking up girls…

The reason the SU have rejected the Cheerleading club’s application for Change of Club status and funding is because of section 12.2.2 of the ‘Edinburgh University Sports Union Constitution’ which states:

“The Executive Committee will consider for approval the application of any Club that meets the above criteria. An application may be dismissed if the sport in question is not recognised as such by BUCS or sport Scotland. Any Club approved before the 2007/08 season (see Bye-Laws) which does not satisfy this condition is allowed to retain its full membership.”

However they do actually fulfil all the requirements of being a Full and Associate Member Club, including: “12.2.6(6)- Be recognised by a National Governing Body.”


FOLO: ‘flyers only live once’

National champions 2012, 2013, 2014 and already ‘Grand Champions’ in 2015 beating out 62 other universities (Including Oxford, Cambridge, Durham and Loughborough) at the UK Nationals it’s hard to see why the Sports union do not consider them a valuable asset.

And this is coming from an entirely student run club because they cannot afford a coach unlike the majority of Universities they compete against.



In 2013 they won a bid to compete in America (the big leagues) but were unable to attend due to lack of funding and the cost this would incur personally to each member of the club.

Surely, the Sports Union should be promoting excellence in sport and not deterring it?

  • 6thgradeteacher

    While you’re right about the Aztecs being younger than Oxford, your dates are way off. The Aztec civilization was conquered in 1521 (by Cortes), not STARTED in 1521.

  • rocolo14

    Tenochtitlan was not founded in 1521, that´s the date the Spanish took it over. It was funded in 1325

  • † Laura †

    Pretty sure Tenochtitlan was founded in 1325, not 1521.

  • Mark

    The first one is not right. Aztecs left “Aztlan” in about 1100, founded Tenochtitlan in 1325, and were conquered in 1521. BTW, I have seen different sources quote different dates for the departure from Aztlan, so I’m not sure which date is right. Codex Boturini clearly shows “1-Flint” for the year. That does match 1064 (which predates Oxford), but also could match other dates (the calendar had no long count). I have seen 1111 and 1113 quoted on many webistes also, but neither of those matches 1-Flint, so I’m not sure where the authors got those dates.

    • Alyson Cruise

      Note however that Oxford’s earliest date for teaching on the site (1096) is a first record of teaching already going on, not a date of founding.

  • Anon

    Old English and Middle English are still English. So you may be able to argue that it predates Modern English, but not the English language itself. (Also, I know of no linguist who’s dated when Old, Middle, and Modern English ended/began down to the year.)

    • Grant McWilliams

      Middle English started in the year 1066 exactly. What could have happened that year that changed everything… hmm…

      • Bryon Lape

        Damn Normans….

  • Jules

    As an ‘anonymous tourist’ to Oxford, whilst studying in London, I felt no need to compare Oxford to any of the said American Universities but I was constantly comparing it to Hogwarts.

    • J

      That might be because it was filmed there. Think about it for half a second before posting.

      • Grant McWilliams

        Somebody missed a joke.

  • Worried

    There are some embarrassing factual errors in this piece.

  • nigel

    This is a horrible article.

  • slymaple

    Teaching at the uni started as early as 1096, with many of the same tutors still teaching today,
    –Wow, you have ancient sages still teaching there! LOL.

  • Richard Gadsden

    University of Bologna, 1088.

  • Michelle Harris

    Ok… maybe there are a few facts out of place… but I gotta give it to you, I thought this article was hysterical! You have a brilliant sense of humor, and it translates well on paper… LOL thanks for the laugh this morning :-)
    (By the way, this yank would have done ANYTHING to have gone to Oxford university, :-))

  • Awmoondah

    “whilst the Aztecs only really got into the swing of things with the founding of Tenochtitlán in 1521.” — What exactly is “the swing of things”? You mean you *only really* count as a civilization when Europeans conquer you?

    This article is embarrassingly erroneous.

  • Greg

    This author speculates throughout the entire piece and appears not to have researched AT ALL concerning dates in the Americas. As far as Americans calling Oxford a rip-off, they are pointing to quality of education..not quantity of years in operation. I would also like to point out that if by “us not saying (to hell with the lot of you)” means getting your collective asses kicked and then getting booted out, the author DID get one date concerning the Americas almost correct (1776, being the year of the signing of the American declaration of independence but not the end of the war).

    • J

      Are you seriously taking an article on a student newspaper seriously? And are you really arguing that Oxford’s teaching rips off American colleges? Jesus Christ…

      • Greg

        Did you read ANYTHING I wrote? I said, “As far as AMERICANS calling Oxford a rip-off,” not myself. At any rate, I would put ANY Ivy league school against Oxford ANY day, past or present. Yes, Oxford has been around an impressively long time. Obviously YOU are taking a student paper seriously as well since you find it necessary to critique the comments section.

      • Greg

        Anyway, student paper or whatever…my point was he did zero research so cannot be taken seriously whatsoever. You may choose to completely bypass my main point if you want but it is still my main point. This paper was just plain ignorant of facts and needed to be exposed as such no matter WHO wrote it.

        • Joe Edwards

          u mad

    • Fithian

      ‘Asses kicked’
      Just an FYI. The British won nearly all the battles in that conflict, much like the USA won almost all the battles in Vietnam yet still lost the war.
      The British gave up because of lack of interests there and a lack of interest at home in those colonies.
      The USA gave up because of pressure at home to do so.
      I suppose you could say the the American rebellion was the UK’s Vietnam.

      • Jacka

        Oh ya lack of interest in the colonies? You are kidding right? They wanted the Americas for the textile good man and did not have any lack of interest in the war. They were just getting pressured on multiple fronts and just couldn’t compete with us on land and the Spanish and French in the sea. They decided to withdraw and focus on naval operations thinking they could come back later but by that time we were thoroughly entrenched with independence and they had no chance. (Probably a long run on sentence but I don’t claim an English major in the slightest)

        • Alyson Cruise

          By “us”, you presumably mean the french ground troops who did most of the fighting?

  • Jack Martin

    Oh goodness. Looked promising but once again TRIPE from the Tab

  • EdgarAllenPwn

    Thats the first image that came up for “Yale architecture” because it is the Yale School of Architecture building itself… Duh.

  • “G Money” Cooper

    Oxford Uni also pre-dates the now ubiquitous use of the term “bitches” to punctuate sentences by those desperate to appear “street”. At least, I don’t recall its use in Chaucer.

  • Kat

    Team Durham don’t fund cheerleading either! It’s a real problem as subs for the year are nearly £300 making it a sport not everyone can afford to participate in